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David Lee King

Approach to Creating Experiences

Approach to Creating ExperiencesI just found this neat “Approach to Creating Experiences” chart (found via Logic + Emotion).

I’m becoming an “experience geek,” so I think it’s pretty cool… it’s broken down into 5 sequential steps:

  1. Uncover customer, brand and business insights – start with the customer, use different types of scenarios to bring out customer needs, wants, and expectations, etc.
  2. Define the Experience Strategy – One page “Experience Brief,” sorta like an executive summary. It “captures the challenges” and provides a high-level strategy.
  3. Ideate – immerse interdisciplinary teams – this part sounds fun. The author suggests the project team go experience whatever it is you’re planning to build, then come back and discuss it, and then present concepts for the experience based on the team’s own experience
  4. Build the concept – Make a mock-up or prototype of the thing…
  5. Design the experience – wow – this far, and we’ve finally reached the point of building the thing. This is where visual design, interface design, and content, among other things, starts to take place.

Notice anything fishy here? Unfortunately for us, librarires usually start with #5 – they get a project and start to build it (talking web deisgn here). Wouldn’t it be better to:

  1. do some watered down thinking about the user, the experience desired, and other outcomes
  2. then figure out on a broad level what is required to meet those outcomes
  3. and THEN to start interface/website/etc creation?

I think if we started thinking this way, we’d build amazingly useful tools for our customers!

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  • http://www.davidleeking.com david king

    Just testing comments – I just installed a spam filter.