BBC is Heading Towards Web 2.0!

From the Church of the Customer blog: “For information providers, it’s better to charge for access to the community you develop around your data, not the information itself.”

“That’s the approach the BBC is taking by announcing it will reformulate its web-based publishing model to embrace user-created content and reader communities. The news evangelists are getting an upgrade.”

The article goes on to say this: “Based on rampant evidence that an open model of content creation — in which content spurs content creation — can be strong generator of reach and influence, the BBC is smart to democratize its own online network of content.”

This is amazing, and hopefully it works – then (maybe) the US media will follow. Here’s more, from the Guardian: ” [at the BBC presentation on this change, the presenter] outlined a three-pronged approach to refocus all future BBC digital
output and services around three concepts – “share”, “find” and “play”. “

“He said the philosophy of “share” would be at the heart of what he dubbed 2.0. [emphasis mine, of course]”

I’ll leave you with one more juicy tidbit (go read both articles!): “The BBC is also running a competition to revamp the 2.0
website, asking the public to redesign the homepage to “exploit the
fuctionality and usability of services such as Flickr, YouTube,
Technorati and Wikipedia”. “