Good quotes from Kathy Sierra

I don’t know how she does it, but Sierra’s blog, Creating Passionate Users, always has great posts and provides much thought fodder for me. here are some quotes from a recent post:

  • “Good usability is like water flowing downhill”
  • “Playing the game should be challenging. The interface should be brainless.”

And an excerpt: “But while my earlier comments on this were mostly about usability, I hadn’t thought of it [the water flowing downhill thing] as a management
principle. (Works great with kids, too) Think about how many procedures
we see in companies that feel like hacks… workarounds for a system
that makes it too easy to make mistakes. And you see it from the
highest levels of business right down to the duct tape someone put over
the switch that you must NEVER EVER TURN OFF.”

Go read the article, and apply it your websites.