The “Linger Zone”

Check out this Business Week article on overhauling McDonalds… Here’s a quote from part of the slide show connected to the article:

“McDonald’s has played with the café format for years. After its McCafés
took off in Australia, it tried the concept in the U.S. without much
success. Now it will integrate the look in restaurants in an area
called the “linger” zone. Targeted at young adults who like to
socialize, it will be equipped with Wi-Fi capability and will feature
lounge seating with armchairs and sofas. Clearly a nod to the
successful café environment made popular by Starbucks.”

They are targeting teens with a “linger” area where they can hang out, equipped with WiFi, comfy chairs, and easy access to food.

This model obviously works, or McDonalds wouldn’t try it – how are YOU attracting teens to your library?

Personal Tagging Can Be Funny Sometimes…

tagging can be funI’m finding the current continuance of Gormangate sorta funny, and I’m not planning to say much about it [gripping the keyboard with sweaty palms] “must … resist … urge … to … yip … and … yawp … !”

But I will comment on this: the tags and linkwords being generated around the current ALA president are simply to die for. I screengrabbed one of them for you – See Also uses the tags yipping, yawping, and sad old men. The Librarianinblack uses irrisponsible and alienating as linkwords that link to other posts. I have also seen Gormangate and blogpeople used as tags.

For some much-needed contrast, go to, click tags, and do a search on “leslie burger”. Here’s what you’ll get: first, some recent images from her Flickr account. Also one pic from the Shifted Librarian, titled “View of San Antonio from Leslie Burger’s suite.” How “suite” is that (sorry for the bad play on words…)?

Then (ok – seriously – scroll on down past the hamburger ads…) you’re greeted with four posts: two discussing her work on the Katrina Project, one titled “ALA to see changes,” and one titled “On Becoming the Change You Want to See.”

I think tags and linkwords for the ALA Presidency are about to change for the better…

Another Web 2.0 Class Tomorrow

I’m teaching another one of my 4-hour Introduction to Web 2.0 classes tomorrow, and I’m changing it up a bit.

Defining the conept of Web 2.0 to primarily non-techie librarians is HARD! So this time, I’m going into a bit more detail. This time, I have the class broken down this way:

1. Brief intro to web 2.0 through a couple of definitions and a little discussion
2. A new “Glue of Web 2.0” section, where I list commonalities of many web 2.0 products, like:

  • RSS feeds
  • ability to tag
  • ability to comment
  • user supplied content
  • web as platform
  • mashups

… and I will give examples for each of those sections.

3. Then I’ll jump into specifics, and cover blogs, feed readers, flickr, bookmark managers, etc.