Videoblogging Books

For those interested in learning more about videoblogging, here are some great books for starters:

Videoblogging For DummiesVideoblogging For Dummies
Have you ever felt the urge to share the entertaining and insightful things that happen in your everyday world? Got a message you’d like to get across to others? A cause you want people to support? A videoblog allows you to share whatever you choose in a colorful, interesting way that gets attention—and furthermore, videoblogging is fun!

Secrets of VideobloggingSecrets of Videoblogging
Here’s the perfect introduction to the art of the videoblog, or vlog, whatever your subject. Filled with both technical and creative tips, this fun, fast, full-color guide provides everything you need to get started vlogging … Vlogging pioneers Michael Verdi and Ryanne Hodson are co-founders of NODE101, an international network of videoblog classrooms, and, NO DE101’s online equivalent. Verdi also vlogs at, while Hodson produces vlogs at and

Amazing, isn’t it? You’re on equal footing with multibillion-dollar TVand movie producers. Videoblogging lets your audience see your cause,your story, or your personal creations—and you can distribute your showto anyone with Internet access. And since the videobloggingcommunity is all about sharing, more than 20 expertshave kicked in tips and ideasto make this book the ultimatevideoblogging crash course. So head for the checkout, grabfresh batteries for your videocamera, and let’s get started!

Hands-On Guide to Video Blogging and Podcasting : Emerging Media Tools for Business CommunicationHands-On Guide to Video Blogging and Podcasting : Emerging Media Tools for Business Communication
In The Hands-On Guide Video Blogging and Podcasting industry experts explain these emerging media tools from a professional perspective. Quickly learn the technical aspects of video blogging and podcasting along with their business and financial ramifications.