Mobile Instant Messaging and ebuddy

mobile ebuddyI just finished playing around with ebuddy, at It’s a web-based IM service, like meebo. But the thing I was interested in is this – they offer a mobile version of their ebuddy service!

I haven’t wanted to actually PAY for IM on my treo, which I could do through services like VeriChat or Mundu Messenger (here’s great article about Treo-based IM clients). I’m cheap – what can I say? And honestly, I’m surprised there aren’t more free offerings on such a basic mobile-based service (that would also send periodic ads for sustainability…).

Anyways, the mobile version of ebuddy works ok. The screenshot to the right shows me chatting with the infamous LibrarianInBlack. The chat functions are pretty easy to figure out… but I quickly noticed one huge drawback: I had to hit the reload link to see the conversation! I could type my message easily enough and hit the Sned button… but then nothing would happen after that. But when I hit the Reload link, then I’d see that the good LIB had been chatting back…

So. It’s free! It’s web-based! It doesn’t automatically screen refresh!