Libraries aren’t the Only Ones Dealing with Web 2.0

We’ve beenseeing a few “web 2.0-ish” library jobs crop up lately – look at this job someone just accepted at NPR:

“…serving as senior product manager for online communities. In this role, I’ll essentially act as NPR’s Web 2.0 strategist, helping them develop new initiatives that encourage greater public involvement in NPR’s online activities. These activities could take a variety of forms: online social networks, wikis, blogs, mobcasting, citizen journalism, original content sharing. The NPR digital media team is very excited about the possibilities, and I’m honored that they’ve turned to me to work with them on this endeavor…”

What a fun-sounding job! While not all libraries need a position like that, I’m thinking you DO need someone (ie., person or committee) thinking and strategizing about Web 2.0…