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David Lee King

Free Online Music “Store” coming in December…

Just saw this… a start-up named SpiralFrog is planning to launch a (drumroll please) new-fangled music service that will be based on advertising revenue rather than on .99 cent downloads. Yes, you read that right – as in FREE music. Universal Music is backing them (that’s big). Look for them in December.

Libraries, dust off your CD-burning and USB-downloading skills…

silly update: I actually beat TechCrunch (who has much more info than my post, of course)!

Update #2: Never mind – from TechCrunch (who had a Skype conversation with the PR dude from SpiralFrog):

“Spiral Frog will offer a desktop downloader for Windows Media Files (no iPods!) that can be listened to on one PC and two portable devices.”


“you must log in to the Spiral Frog service at least once per month, and see their ads, or your files will stop playing!”

Two VERY stupid ideas, one digital music company that’s sure to fail.

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