Library Videoblogs So Far

Update: I’ve added a library to the list of videoblogging libraries:

  1. Westerville Public Library, which I mentioned yesterday. They seem to be focusing on videos of programming right now.
  2. Manchester Public Library’s Teen Matrix – “a video podcast about books.” Not sure if they plan to update this (all three videos are from Nov 2005).
  3. Orange County Library System is also offering videoblogs. They have set up their videoblogs to be compatible with iTunes – wow.
  4. Public Library Delft is videoblogging, podcasting, and blogging. Whew!
  5. Kenton County Public Library’s Off the Shelf program: “airs every week on Monday and Wednesday at 9:30 pm, and then again on Saturday at 4:30 pm on Insight Channel 21. You can also subscribe using iTunes or our RSS feed.” Found via

Now… anyone else? Does anyone know of any other library-oriented videoblogs not mentioned here? Tell me about them please!

David’s Current Speaking Schedule

September 15: Blogs, Wikis & Other Emerging Trends, Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) National Institute.

October 4: Blogs, Wikis & Other Emerging Trends, Missouri Library Association (preconference workshop).

October 22: Hiring, Keeping and Working with Techie Staff, Internet Librarian 2006 (preconference workshop).

October 23: Web-Based Experience Planning: Creating User-Centered Experience, Internet Librarian 2006.

October 23: Cultivating Tech-Savvy Library Staff: Competencies & Tips (With Sarah Houghton), Internet Librarian 2006.

October 24: Podcasting & Videocasting (with a bunch of different people), Internet Librarian 2006.

November 2: Blogs, Wikis & Other Emerging Trends, Seattle Public Library’s Staff Day.

November 9: VideoCasting: An Introduction for Libraries, ACRL Virtual Institute (webcast).

November 21: Avoiding Communication Breakdown: Techies and Non-techies, Education Institute (webcast).

November 28: VideoCasting: An Introduction for Libraries, Education Institute (webcast).

Guess What the NYTimes uses for Blogging Software?

Take a peek at this cool job-ad… The NYTimes, huge media company, uses WordPress for their blogs. Granted, they have integrated WordPress rather nicely on their site, but still…

Whether you’re a big, old media company or a tiny rural library, you can benefit from free, open-source blogging tools!

ps – also take a look at the 37signals Job Board. The job titles are great, for starters (i.e., Rails Ninja, AJAX Hacker, Front End Wizard). But it’s also a great place to see  what cutting-edge skills are needed for current state-of-the-art websites.