Experience Staging in College Admissions

This isn’t technically related to libraries or digital spaces, but it might get you thinking nonetheless. Check this post out from the Experience Economy Evangelist. In a nutshell:

Hendrix College stages an experience for their prospective students. What do they do? Here’s a list:

  • The call it the Hendrix Experience (that’s just cool)
  • They create a customized, reserved parking space for the prospective student
  • Student’s name on a welcome sign
  • outfitted with a backpack and escorted to a class
  • Ate with students in the dining hall
  • at the end of the day, student is given a gift, that includes a tie-dyed t-shirt (that says “not just another college visit), frisbee, water bottle, pencil,  and chocolate.

Why are they doing this? They are going for a college visit “that is engaging, memorable, authentic, has a signature moment (or two) and a whole lot of fun!” When an experience is memorable, has signature moments, and is just plain fun, the college figures its more likely to hook that student – when the student visits all possible colleges, they’ll think about Hendrix College… and start smiling… and end up going there (well, that’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway).

So… start thinking… how can YOU stage an experience at your library? How can you create memorable experiences with signature moments? How about on your websites and other sigital spaces?