IL2006 Day 1: Creating Synergy between your Website and Catalog

Glenn Peterson, Hennepin County Library

OPAC Developments 2006:

  • ILS Customer Bill of Rights –
  • patREST – Blyberg developed this
  • NCSU/Endeca catalog
  • NGC4LIB – new listserv discussing next-gen catalogs
  • Catalog search everywhere! Amazon, Google, MySpace

Glenn mentioned these trends:

  • Go to – amazon and B&N scripts… add it to firefox
  • Personalized Google pages… include live search to catalog, Library news..
  • Myspace library search right in MySpace

How can your website and catalog work together… add value and save the time of the user…

Two Approaches

  1. portal – something vendors are offering. bringing library content into the catalog interface.
  2. integrating catalog as one of many web-based resources


  • Fort Collins library – includes menu on all pages, even library catalog
  • and Phoenix Public Library – both hacked their ILS to integrate it into the whole library website experience

1. links to titles

  • not too hard to do
  • booklists – link to the catalog record!
  • newsletters – online newsletter – link to those catalog records when a book is mentioned
  • new book alerts – link to those records… even using email
  • event listings…
  • etc…

2. links to catalog searches

  • on subject guides – link to the subject heading in catalog
  • pathfinders – same thing
  • reader’s advisory

3. make your links smarter

  • create a script that points to catalog records

4. single login

  • log in to catalog, databases, website, etc with one login.
  • HCL is displaying My Account info within the website. Cool.