IL2006 Day 2: MySpace and Facebook

Aaron Schmidt – MySpace Invaders

Teens like what I’d consider to be ugly, gaudy pages.

Teens know the bad stuff on MySpace….


  • Hold a MySpace Tips and Tricks class
  • Class for Parents
  • Historic figure/book character project – nwhat song would they like, who would they friend, etc
  • MySpace bulletins – effective event invitation

Your library myspace:

  • be authentic
  • give up control (let teens do it)
  • have fun
  • consider who you want to be
  • include a song and video
  • meebome widget – for IM

MySpace in your library:

  • Resistant admin?
  • Always some issue to be scared of… get over it

Is MySpace a fad? Absolutely yes!

  • Still experiment though
  • It’s also part of a larger trend

My Own Cafe – a library mad ethier own myspace – ish space


Cliff Landis – Facebook

Social networking – connections between individuals create a network

Communication in Facebook:

  • image representation (the profile)
  • 1 on 1 communication
  • communication in groups
  • writing on walls
  • sharing pics
  • linking to other social networks and websites

How can this benefit students?

  • traditional services like reference, marketing, and instruction
  • innovative services, like acquisitions – asking studetns on their own turf, using a student’s public info (blog) to meet their info needs…

How will this Facebook improve my service?

  • user-centric approach – the user is not broken
  • meet people where they are – not where you want them to be
  • point-of-need service
  • effective marketing
  • using the market that is already in place

How should we represent ourselves?

  • facebook has cancelled some institutional accounts
  • you might need to be an individual rather than an institution