IL2006 Day 2: RSS & JavaScript Cookbook: Rip, Mix, and Burn

Paul Pival and Meredith Farkas
– their presentation

What’s wrong with traditional subject pages?

  • not often updated
  • not easy to add content if you don’t know html
  • no academic field is static, so perhaps a static web page isn’t the best tool for a subject guide

Dynamic content:

  • lives elsewhere, but is pulled onto the page
  • updated as content is updated elsewhere


  • used to write functions for HTML pages that one could not do with HTML alone
  • many sites offer bits of JavaScript code to allow you to do cool stuff

What can you do with RSS on a subject page?

  • lots of cool stuff…

Check out feed2js – a few other similar services, too – turns RSS feeds into javascript… wow.

Seattle Public – rss in their catalog…