Find the Title of this Page

teen pageWhat’s the title of this page? Here are your options, by just taking a quick glance at the page:

  • Teens News (title tag, small type under large "start pages" text in orange box)
  • Start Pages (highlighted text in both orange areas, highlighted text in blue menu)
  • Teens’ News (highlighted text in left-hand menu and in larger orange box breadcrumb link)
  • Teens’ News Detail (phrase found by carrot – underneath orange box)
  • Teens Feature Highlights (text dropped in an outlined box)
  • Teen (largest text on page – but also most difficult to see)
  • audience_teens_features (from the URL)

I’m not picking on Seattle – just using them as an example (I’m sure I’ve made similar pages!). Good, simple IA practice would tell us that:

  • we need to pick one of these titles for the page, and name everything else the same
  • this page needs fewer words that look like titles
  • the page file name (audience_teens_features) needs to match the title of the page
  • The breadcrumb link (if you must include one) needs to match the name of the page
  • The title, breadcrumb link, page file name, etc should all match
  • Most importantly – anything in a larger font size looks like a title – you need to make sure it IS a title!
  • Also important – anything you highlight will look like a title – make it so

Now – take a peek at your own website – how does it fare compared to this example? What improvements can you make?

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Supplement for my ACRL Fall Virtual Institute Webcast on Videoblogging

This post is supplementary material for my webcast of videoblogging that I’m doing today for the ACRL Fall Virtual Institute (which completely rocks!).

Update: Here’s the link to the videos I discussed during the presentation, and here’s a link to libraries that are videoblogging.

Videoblogs I mention:

Library Videoblogs to check out:

Searching for Videoblogs:

Normal search engines:

  • bloglines
  • Google’s blog search
  • Other search engines – combine keywords like vlog or videoblog or video with a topic of interest

Videoblog directories:

Also search video sites like Youtube or

Video Aggregators:

Storing Video:

Books on Videoblogging:

More info:


Jeffrey Veen’s Next Gen Web Design Presentation

Veen’s presentation on Next Generation Web Design and Web 2.0 rocks. It rocks on many levels:

  1. It uses great presentation design… the slides look cool, they’re very visual, and you can get the gist of his message by just looking through the slides (but you can also tell you’re missing alot of good content, too)
  2. It shows a “where design is headed” roadmap

So… web dudes and other interested parties – go check it out!

Zamzar is cool

Mainly posting this to remember it… but is cool! It’s a free file converter page – point to a file, tell zamzar what you want the file to convert to, and TADA! – zamzar converts the file to the new format.

Pretty nifty! Here’s the large list of formats they handle…