Blog Tag – 5 Things You Don’t Know About David Lee King

Alrightie then… Michael Stephens tagged me on this 5 things blog meme / tag game going around right now. So upward and onward – 5 things you don’t know about me:

  1. I’m an extreme creative and an extreme white collar worker (ie., no real “skills”)… so it’s particularly odd that I worked one summer on a paint/construction crew. Maybe even funnier that they kept me on that long.
  2. My wife and I have kids every time we move to another state. When we moved from Missouri to Tennessee, we had a kid. When we moved from Tennessee to Mississippi, we had a kid. When we moved from Mississippi back to Missouri, we had a kid. And guess what? We just moved from Missouri to Kansas. <note to self: find out how much “that operation” costs>
  3. In 1983, I might have been seen wearing those break-dancer, black with white side leg zippers, parachute pants. And a neon orange sweatshirt that said “jump.” At the same time. I wonder why I was picked on?
  4. Sandwiches have a right-side-up and an upside-down, and MUST be eaten right-side-up.
  5. Streetlights have a tendency to turn off when I walk or drive underneath them. This happens at least twice a month.

So there we have it! And now, I’m tagging: Aaron Schmidt, Nicole Engard, Michael Porter, David Free, and Chad Boeninger.