My First Second Life Video

This is my first attempt at making a movie using the Second Life movie tools, and it came out ok. In the video, I’m sitting down and chatting with Stephen Mandelbrot in Cybrary City. Take a peek!I have to admit – I felt kinda odd doing that! The chair had a movement sim thing attached to it (both chairs did), so we were both doing the same movements at the same time… spooky! And of course, there’s that albino elf thing I have going on, too… :-)But at the same time – wow! I’ll also admit that the visual part of Second Life added a whole new dimension to chatting (Second Life has a chat/IM feature, which you can barely make out in the video).Now if only Second Life allowed voice chatting… THAT would be cool. And I suppose you CAN do that via Skype or some other similar tool. But an in-world type of voice chat would be even better. Why? It would make the whole experience a bit more seamless and easy-to-use, just like IM’ing in-world rather than having to use a normal IM service while being in-world. Just a thought.

It’s NOT a Podcast, ALA!

I was just getting ready to dump the ALA District Dispatch feed into iTunes and/or just download their podcast… but I can’t.

Why? Well – first of all, there’s no direct link to the audio file in the post. And second – because it’s not a podcast (see Greg Schwartz’s way cool Podcasting: An Introduction for an in-depth explanation). A true podcast has an enclosure thingie embedded within the RSS feed that makes audio (and video) files recognizable to feed readers. This is especially useful with podcast aggregators like iTunes or Fireant – those podcast readers will automatically dump the podcast into your mp3 player of choice.

ALA – thank you, thank you, thank you for recording audio and sending it out on your blog. Now – go one tiny little extra step, and make that podcast available for download!


Testing and a request!

My feeds have been having “issues” the last few days. Can some of you do something for me, pretty please with sugar on top? When you see this post, can you:

1. leave a comment saying you saw my post

2. tell me what rss reader you’re using