Adaptive Path and Second Life

This is cool. Adaptive Path, a company that focuses on building digital experiences, is apparently going to help Linden Labs improve the digital experience that is Second Life.

I find that to be an extremely interesting project. Usually, improving a digital experience means improving someone’s website, or a function of the website – not improve something that, in many ways, is mimicking real life in a digital way.

They also say this: “So, after we spoke with them for a while, we discovered that, while there may be a few issues with the world and it’s amazing growth rate, there is one issue in particular that’s affecting the usability for the residents. While I can’t divulge the exact issue, I can say that it’s a very complex and interesting problem -– something that we’ve not tackled in this manner before.” I sure hope that means actually talking within Second Life, rather than just being able to type/chat to each other!

And I hope they write it up, speak about it, etc – I think we’d all learn much from their “experience.”

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