State Library Associations and Speaker Fees

There’s an interesting discussion going on right now about speaker fees, registration, and state library conferences. I have faced the same type of thing in the past with the Missouri Library Association.

From the discussion and everyone’s comments, it looks like the common practice is this: if you’re in-state, you’re welcome to speak – but you have to pay registration and don’t get any honorarium or travel expenses. If you live out-of-state, your travel expenses are covered and you might get an honorarium and a comped registration.

To fix this stupid problem, you can do two things:

  1. Discuss it – and this is happening via blogs right now – so that’s good. Well, except for the fact that percentage-wise, most librarians are probably NOT reading the blog-based discussion. So maybe we should ALSO be discussing it elsewhere…
  2. Get involved in your local library association. And I don’t mean the pay-the-yearly-dues, get-the-magazine type of join. I mean the run-for-office, serve-on-committees type of join.

That’s the only way these aged behemoths (ie., the associations) will change – get people who actually WANT TO CHANGE them in charge of them.


Alternative Search Engines List

This, of course, SHOULD be coming from a librarian… but whatever. The Read/Write Web has a great list of alternative (as in, not Google) search engines. It looks like it’s a monthly feature on the blog.

This month includes some cool stuff, like:

  • FindSounds, an audio search engine
  • PureVideo, and video search engine
  • A variety of clustering search engines

And towards the end of the article, there’s a “Top 100” list of search engines. Check out the article!

David’s Current Speaking Schedule for 2007

Here’s where I’m speaking in 2007 (so far – my list is slowly growing this year):

  • April 12: Wiki Panel. Kansas Tri-Conference.
  • April 16: Planning and Implementing Library 2.0. Computers in Libraries 2007.
  • April 17: Guiding Libraries & Info Pros Through Change. Computers in Libraries 2007.
  • April 19: Podcasting and Videocasting Bootcamp (postconference session with David Free). Computers in Libraries 2007.
  • May 11: Emerging Trends. New York Public Library.
  • May 16: Web 2.0 in libraries. 2007 Central Kansas Library System Spring Assembly.
  • June 22: Videocasting for Public Libraries (preconference), ALA 2007.
  • July 18: Making time for web 2.0. SEFLIN 2007 Energize Conference (Energize 2.0).
  • September 25: Keynote. Allegheny County Library Association.
  • October 4-7: Keynote. LITA national Forum.
  • November 2: Keynote. Tampa Bay Library Consortium 2007 Annual Meeting.

Doing This At Your Local Library

Seth Godin apparently hasn’t visited his local library recently. In a recent blog post, he points to a cool new Amazon service that lets you see which books mention a book you like. Then Seth says “try doing that at the local library…”

Upon reading that, I had a couple of thoughts. My first was the traditional library one… “well, there’s the Science Citation Index…” But then it dawned on me. If Seth visited my library and asked to do that, we’d simply sit him down at one of our 177 public computers, and say “now go to…”\

Seth – OF COURSE you can do this at your local library.

Update – oh yes, I forgot. Seth’s own company, Squidoo, is having a contest for  Lens of the year. One of those is the Library 2.0 lens! Sorta ironic, don’t you think?

Non-Library Blogs Meme

I’ve been tagged in this non-library blogs meme thing at least twice now, so I feel I must respond! Here are five of my favorite non-library blogs that I’m reading right now:

  1. Read/WriteWeb – great stuff about web 2.0 and emerging trends. Tends to go more in-depth than other emerging trend blogs, which I like.
  2. Daily Dilbert – not really a blog I suppose, but still – Dilbert is great.
  3. Worship Guitar Guy – a guy who writes about using electric guitar in modern rock worship settings – right down my alley.
  4. Creating Passionate Users – Kathy Sierra’s blog about, well, about creating passionate users. Always inspirational.
  5. The Hype Machine – I just discovered this. It aggregates a bunch of other mp3/music blogs, and schmushes all the info (and tunes) together. I’ll never have to buy music again!

SO – those are some of my favorite non-library blogs right now. I’m not going to tag individuals (because it’s late, and I’m uninspired tonight). Instead, if you read this blog, and you DO, in fact, blog… consider yourself tagged.

So SHARE already!