Non-Library Blogs Meme

I’ve been tagged in this non-library blogs meme thing at least twice now, so I feel I must respond! Here are five of my favorite non-library blogs that I’m reading right now:

  1. Read/WriteWeb – great stuff about web 2.0 and emerging trends. Tends to go more in-depth than other emerging trend blogs, which I like.
  2. Daily Dilbert – not really a blog I suppose, but still – Dilbert is great.
  3. Worship Guitar Guy – a guy who writes about using electric guitar in modern rock worship settings – right down my alley.
  4. Creating Passionate Users – Kathy Sierra’s blog about, well, about creating passionate users. Always inspirational.
  5. The Hype Machine – I just discovered this. It aggregates a bunch of other mp3/music blogs, and schmushes all the info (and tunes) together. I’ll never have to buy music again!

SO – those are some of my favorite non-library blogs right now. I’m not going to tag individuals (because it’s late, and I’m uninspired tonight). Instead, if you read this blog, and you DO, in fact, blog… consider yourself tagged.

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