Doing This At Your Local Library

Seth Godin apparently hasn’t visited his local library recently. In a recent blog post, he points to a cool new Amazon service that lets you see which books mention a book you like. Then Seth says “try doing that at the local library…”

Upon reading that, I had a couple of thoughts. My first was the traditional library one… “well, there’s the Science Citation Index…” But then it dawned on me. If Seth visited my library and asked to do that, we’d simply sit him down at one of our 177 public computers, and say “now go to…”\

Seth – OF COURSE you can do this at your local library.

Update – oh yes, I forgot. Seth’s own company, Squidoo, is having a contest for  Lens of the year. One of those is the Library 2.0 lens! Sorta ironic, don’t you think?