Alternative Search Engines List

This, of course, SHOULD be coming from a librarian… but whatever. The Read/Write Web has a great list of alternative (as in, not Google) search engines. It looks like it’s a monthly feature on the blog.

This month includes some cool stuff, like:

  • FindSounds, an audio search engine
  • PureVideo, and video search engine
  • A variety of clustering search engines

And towards the end of the article, there’s a “Top 100” list of search engines. Check out the article!

  • beaver

    Also a nice alternative search engine is

  • drmichaelbell

    Consider the Infotopia Safe Search Engine as an alternative for students to Google. Actually Infotopia ( ), is a Google CSE custom search engine that searches exclusively pages recommend on the websites of other librarians, educators, and library and educational consortia. You still get to use most of Google's cool search features, but you get very little junk in the search results. Infotopia is programmed to always have Safe
    Search on.