It’s Videoblogging Week 2007!

A choice few of you might have noticed that I have a couple of videos and photos tagged videobloggingweek2007, and have been wondering what David is up to… or not. Either way, you’re going to find out!

This week has been declared Videoblogging Week 2007! What’s that mean? It means that videobloggers everywhere have a simple (yet daunting) task: to create and post seven videos to their blogs… in seven days – one each day for a whole week.

There are a lot of videos being created this week! here are a few places to find them:

What am I posting? Here’s a list of the videos I’m posting this week:

I’ll update this list as the week progresses, for those interested. (update – all done! A day early even!)

Why am I doing this? Because it’s fun; I’m learning more about making videos, using video software, and being creative; it’s participatory in a web 2.0 sense; and did I mention fun?