Kansas Tri-Conference 2007: Day 1 – Participating in a Dynix Consortium

Susan John-Smith, Pittsburg State University

Consortium – you must:

  • play well with others
  • have a sense of humor
  • live for daily surprises

Much joking about SirsiDynix… :-)


  • know your current policy
  • get it on paper
  • make sure you’re compliant with local and state governing boards
  • what can you hand your patron?
  • collection codes – think about naming schemes – ie., sun room instead of periodicals shelf
  • other things – item codes and patron codes…

Patron Empowerment:

  • check out their own material
  • place their own holds
  • change their PIN PIN/address
  • save lists of material
  • set email addresses
  • receive rss feeds
  • rate/comment on material
  • (things patrons can do)

Does the policy play well with others?

  • patrons
  • other consortia members
  • statewide resource sharing


  • flexibility doesn’t mean chaos
  • choose options that work for your institution
  • analyze the steps involved
  • analyze workflow
  • document frequently
  • if you don’t understand it, chances are the computer won’t understand it either
  • communicate! patrons, staff, other consortium members, etc…


  • vendor representatives: sales, training, support staff
  • directors/boards – policy makers, public relations, legal support
  • peers – within, regionally and nationally
  • who are your contacts?
  • who can answer your questions?
  • delineation of duties…
  • more than one source of expertise


  • (up until a month ago, she had 8.0 screenshots in this presentation… but she yanked them)
  • talked instead on what features they want in an OPAC

Patience is also needed – especially with Sirsi/Dynix oddness