Computers in Libraries 2007: Day 1 – Webmaster Cool Tools

Darlene Fichter, Frank Cervone, Jeff Wisniewski

Another extremely packed room – I’m sitting on the floor with about 20 other people!

Jeff Wisniewski:
Yahoo pipes – it’s a feed aggregator. You can apply logic to the feeds (ie., filter the feed in various ways), it’s graphical (no coding involved).
– He uses it to pull in feeds for faculty articles – yahoo pipes brings scopus and something else together into a single feed.

Google My Maps

Yahoo Design Pattern Library:
– a design knowledgebase
– full of best practices for web designers… cool

What is my IP?
– simply tells you what your IP address is

The Rasterbator: takes images and blows them up big so you can make large banners…

Firefox web developer plugin – very cool


zamzar – web based file converter
gliffy – makes charts and flow charts… web based mapping tool
Firefox linkify
Firefox link checker – web based photo image editing tool
trailfire – web tours
Myxter Tones – custom downloadable ring tones
MyBlogLog – shows actual today’s stats… where your readers came from, what they viewed, create reports over time, narrow by just search results, etc. Wow.
Crazy Egg – click trough rates, most interesting – heat map – shows where the action is taking place on our web pages.. (dude, remember this…)
Swivel – data visualization – import data, create visual graphs.
Many Eyes – visualizations of data… some people have loaded gutenberg texts, and have done tag comparisons… wow.


google webmaster tools: diagnostics, site statistics, etc… provides error messages that happened, links tab – shows how many links they have from other sites (using Google’s data), also shows where your pages are linked from…

Google site map – there’s a Google SiteMap Builder – it spiders through your site and creates a sitemap, finds link errors, etc.

oswd (open source web design): look at large number of stylesheets and design templates that are open source.

also showed open source clipart and images, and open source stock photography sites

gvisit – visitor map based on Google statistics… cool music site, mentioned the music suggestion tool it has

open source federated searching – dbWiz – Simon Frazer University – uses z39.50

Keystone ILS – federated search, link resolver, portal creation and management, harvesting metadata afrom remote repositories, etc. Hmm…

audience suggestion: grazr – displays rss feeds on your webpage via a widget