Computers in Libraries 2007: Day 2: LibraryThing

Tim Spalding, LibraryThing

Showing LibraryThing – features, social aspects, etc

Showed a graphical timeline on what you’ve read (not yet released)

Regular people care about book data more than you would think

Claims his product is the only one that works with z39.50 and MARC

Showed a great example of tagging vs LoC subject headings. Used the book Neuromancer as an example – tagged cyberpunk… but that word isn’t mentioned in the usual LoC subject headings…

LibraryThing for Libraries:
added stuff – tags, other editions, etc – all LibraryThing data
(He used Seattle Public Library’s catalog as an example)
Find other books tagged a certain word, then shows all tags from that book and all related tags – great for browsing

Hmm… if you enable tagging just for a single library, and use only tags that that library’s customers entered… you’re not going to get great browsability

There needs to be an OCLC for user generated data