Computers in Libraries 2007: Day 2 – Rhumba with Joomla: Using a CMS to Build Community

Tao Gao and Catherine Buck Morgan

Joomla in Libraries – they created this

Why Joomla?
free open source
easy to use, install and it’s reliable
looked at Drupal – it’s much harder to grasp
separation of content and form
portable and extendable
strong support community

Why a redesign?
static html
table-based layout
etc… they needed to switch from an old web to a new web model

lessons learned from redesign:
surveymonkey was a great way to poll users
dang, I missed the rest…

phase II – design
agency rebranding, interface design and review, process stalls because of a new director…

Phase III – development:
explore cms options
find outside host server for development
joomla learning curve
translate graphical interface to the joomla templates
content migration…
identifying and incorporating desired functionality
continued to maintain and update static site

phase V: deployment nad evolution
staff to review website
new website goes live
site moved to in-house server
growth and refinement

lessons learned:
few staff reviewed the site
day 1 – where and why questions – answering those for staff and customers
cms makes it easier to evaluate depth of content

now have:
2 web managers
25 authors
326 registered members, 130 not yet approves

homepage committee
pr committee
1 web administrator

movable boxes, easy to customize user interface

Nice extensions for Joomla – lots of add-ons