Bookswim – Netflix for Books?

There’s an interesting discussion going on right now about BookSwim. Bookswim is hoping to be a Netflix for books (for a monthly fee of $24 per month for 3 books).

The interesting discussion is taking place on the download squad blog. Read the post, then read the comments – lots of good fodder about customer perception of libraries there.

And the author of the post, Brad Linder, is to be thanked by all librarians for saying things like this about BookSwim:

  • “But also unlike your public library, you have to pay a monthly fee to join [bookswim].”
  • “Or you could, you know, go to your local library. They might not have 150,000 titles, but that’s what interlibrary loan is for.” (wow – he even uses ILL – cool!).

So go read the post and the comments!

Customers and Libraries?

The Break Up
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Here’s a fun video I discovered this morning, and had a few thoughts about it. The video’s about advertisers and consumers “getting a divorce.” The best part, to me, is when the “advertiser” says “I know everything about you – you’re 24-31…” (and he’s talking to an actual person – pretty funny).

Do libraries do this? Not sure… what do you think?

Presentation at New York Public Library

Mid manhattan Library (where I spoke)I spoke last Friday at the New York Public Library about emerging library trends and web 2.0 – it was a blast!

Here’s a link to my presentation.

Little things that were fun:

  • dinner with Steven M. Cohen
  • receiving (and answering) MySpace email 30 minutes before my presentation by someone attending the presentation
  • and getting flickr’d and twitter’d after the presentation by a couple other attendees. Cool beans!

smiling for my blurry pic!

Twittering Libraries

So far, here’s my list of twittering libraries (for those of you thoroughly confused by that, check out twitter):

Any others? Let me know, and I’ll add you to the list!

2nd update: added the Kista bibliotek. 

Update: Added Cleveland Public Library’s twitter feed, Ada Community Library, and U of I.