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David Lee King

ALA2007: Participatory Networks: Libraries as Conversations: Second Life

John Lester (Pathfinder Linden!):

- introduction to second life
- fundamentally not a game
- asked “is the web a game?” There are games on the web… SL is the same
- online augments face-to-face just like the phone augments – doesn’t replace
- median age 35
- goal – host your own SL grid (they went open source in January 2007)
- emotional bandwidth – constantly want to connect with people (emoticons vs avatars with facial expressions)
- over 200 universities represented – doing experiential learning
- creating immersive experiences
- imagine learning about ancient egypt, in a replica of ancient egypt
- real vs virtual worlds… are people you talk to real? Cell phone? What’s the difference?
- don’t get mired in past frameworks – ie., movies are not plays

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