Change Starts With You

Cindi at the Chronicles of Bean blog just posted a must-read post. Very cool to see someone jumping in with both feet! Also cool to see someone who wants to change – wants to actually LEAD change, and is actively seeking ways to make that happen.

To all my way-cool geek friends in libraryland – what are YOU doing to lead the way in the 21st century? Complaining? That’s ok… I’ve done that, too. But we need to take it one, maybe two steps further. For example, at my last job, I absolutely hated the annual staff day program the library held. I complained about it… but I also asked to be on the staff day committee so I could attempt improving it (I was told we succeeded).

That’s one of the reasons I’m an ALA member again – I don’t want to just complain about ALA (though you’ll probably hear me do that from time to time). I want to change it. I don’t want to have to sit in a program about “transforming your staff” and hear the speaker tell me that an innovative, new idea for libraries is roving reference (yes, someone on the podium actually said that). I want to see libraries be as cool as Amazon and Facebook… provide awesome experiences for their users, in both the physical and the digital library space… I want to see MySpace come to US when they have a question about community networking.

And that starts with US – we have to want to change, want to be here for the long-haul (because this won’t happen in a day), and want to kindly show others HOW to change.