Basic Competencies of a 2.0 Librarian

Update: see my Basic Competencies of a 2.0 Librarian, Take 2 – it’s an expanded list.

Emily, at the Library Revolution blog, posted about minimum tech competencies she thinks librarians should have. Her list is certainly fine – but I share her frustrations when glancing at that list! Those are all very basic skills that some librarians still don’t have, unfortunately.

And so I started to think: what are some competencies a 2.0 librarian should have? I’m refraining from calling them tech competencies, even though they all reside on the computer – I think we need to get away from calling something a tech competency just because it’s done on the computer. Most of these skills are similar to word processing – the skill of writing isn’t a tech competency, even though you most likely use MS Word to do it these days, for example.

So – here’s David’s off-the-cuff Library 2.0 Competencies:

  • write and post to a blog
  • add photos and videos to a blog post
  • embed a widget into blogs and social networking accounts (like Myspace)
  • social network knowledge – basic understanding of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc
  • shoot, upload and edit photos
  • shoot, upload and edit short videos
  • record, edit and upload a podcast
  • use IM in different forms
  • use and explain rss and rss readers to others
  • send and read sms text messages
  • edit an avatar’s appearance
  • basic console gaming skills (multiple formats preferred)

And then, a few bonus skills that go beyond the basics (but are still essential in this new era):

  • understand how everything above can cohesively fit together
  • understand how everything above compliments a physical, traditional library
  • the ability to learn the basics of a new digital service or tool within 15 minutes of fiddling around with it
  • And most importantly – the ability to tell the library’s story, through various media – writing, photography, audio, and video.

What do you think? Would you add or remove anything from this list? I know I’m forgetting some of the non-web library 2.0 things… Let me know!