How’s the iPhone Working Out?

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I’ve owned an iPhone for about two months now, and thought I’d make a video sharing my likes and dislikes.Dislikes:

  • Stocks icon – works great, but I could care less about the stock market, so it’s not terribly useful to me
  • Calendar – again works great… but I have a work calendar and an everything else calendar… so I have both synced up to Google Calendar. That works fine. Usually. [translation=I haven’t quite figured it all out yet].

Likes: Pretty much everything else. Ease-of-use is awesome. Included apps are great. I originally thought I’d get a Treo, but waited for the iPhone to come out to see what it was like… and haven’t been disappointed!

Update: I had a little trouble viewing the video, so I’ve been playing around with it. It should work now! And there’s a .mov and a YouTube version now, too.

Looking for a Server Geek!

Hey – want to live in Topeka and work at my library? We are looking for a Digital Services Supervisor – here’s the description:

We’re looking for someone in love with systems, servers, tech projects, and change. Someone capable of bringing cutting-edge ideas to the table and who thrives in a culture of teamwork. Someone who finds satisfaction in enabling the majority to do great things through technology.

Position Summary: Reporting to the Digital Branch & Services Manager [ed – that’s me!], the Digital Services Supervisor supervises a Systems Administrator, a Database Administrator, and three Help Desk Technicians. This position also is responsible for installing, supporting, and maintaining the library’s servers, assisting with the development, implementation and management of systems, managing networks and communications, and overseeing the provision of regular and on-call technical support and training to users.

And follow this link to the detailed job description. Sound like fun? Then send in your application!

Web 2.0 Presentation at the Allegheny County Library Association

PittsburghI just gave a presentation at the Allegheny County Library Association on Web 2.0 and emerging trends. it was fun! This group of librarians is very lively – during the presentation, there were lots of great questions were asked and there was some fun discussion, too. That type of interaction certainly makes it much easier for me!

Thanks, ACLA, for a great time!

Here’s a copy of my presentation (warning – it’s a rather large PDF file, so it might take awhile to download).

I Don’t Get It, or The Wonders of Mudflap Babe

More than one blogger this week has been pontificating on the wonders of the Wyoming Library Campaign’s mudflap girl. Here she is:

<sarcasm and nasty disagreeable Dave starts here>
I’m sorry, Wyoming. I realize that you hired “a team of Wyoming library public relations specialists” and that those professionals “have been planning this campaign for months.”

And I know you state the goal of the mudflap babe is to first allow people to see the babe, and then to somehow… miraculously… get from the mudflap babe to the realization that “There is something for me at the library, and I can grow, explore and wonder.”

Uhm… I just don’t see how the mudflap girl does that! See, I grew up in the midwest. Driving down I-70. Behind trucks. Big trucks. Lots of trucks. With mudflaps. Those mudflaps looked like the one below:

When I was a kid, everyone and my sister understood that those truckers liked scantily-clad women, that those truckers had pretty much no respect for women, and treated them as sex objects. That was just a given – especially when you tacked on all the silly sexist trucker songs and movies that were also popular when I was a kid.

[I asked my wife to take a peek. She said “but that’s a naked lady!”]

Sorry, Wyoming. I simply do not see how mudflap babe shows me that libraries are “reliable and exciting.” Or how said hottie shows me that libraries “add value to our lives.” Whose value? Certainly not the women being treated as eye candy.
< / sarcasm off>