IL2007, Day 1: Cranky? Boomers & Older Adults are Greying the Internet!

Cranky? Boomers & Older Adults are Greying the Internet!, Allen Kleiman

seniornet, thirdage, eons – examples of senior-focused social networking cites

these sites are doing something, but aren’t doing a very good job of it.

said a 46 year old isn’t a baby boomer… ??? (picky sideline thing)

most of these sites are focused on seniors or boomers with money

some sites resemble facebook with wrinkles

search engine – – developed by eons

Boomers! TV – they do a series of online / tv shows on aging issues…

senior bloggers – benefits:
– helps older adults keep their minds share
great way to meet people
easy to share life experiences, wisdom, and information through blogs
might give the blog author a bit of fame

17% of seniors have read someone else’s blog (3% have created a blog)

they are having the teens teach the older adults how to play the Wii