IL2007, Day 1: Integrating Libraries & Communities Online

Integrating Libraries & Communities Online, Glenn Peterson, Marilyn Turner

Marilyn Turner – they made this. It’s cool. It brings together book lists, author lists, librarian tips, etc… many genre guides

it’s only focused on books – so it still has the traditional librarian bias to content

they include a librarian’s blog on each genre page

assign 2 people per genre pages

not volunteer activities – instead, they say it’s part of your job. Part of performance expectation! Awesome! Web Services Manager works with other managers to make sure web content is part of review process

Glenn Peterson:

Customer Contributed Content

user comments on books and other titles

harry potter and the deathly hallows – 234 comments! wow. they had 60 comments while the book was still on order – talking about how the stroy line would go. neat.

social features:
user comments
book lists
browse a list of recent comments
user profiles
name, about me, reading interests – that’s neat. theya’re looking at librarything’s profile for ideas
they have a wall-of-books – images of book jackets to see what books each user has checked out…

wanting to do: users wo are reading X are reading Y

wanting to create a friend’s list, a facebook-like wall

challenges – control issues – what can people leave on their profile

John Blyberg:

The Social Catalog

why bring social tools to the catalog?

three social catalogs:
pseudo-social – authority presented as collaborative (ie., Innovative’s ncore)
Syndicated social – third party data (librarything)
individually social – user-direct (hennepin, sopac)