IL2007, Day 2: Encouraging and Building your Techie Team

Michael Stephens and Sarah Houghton-Jan
Building your techie team: tips for training staff – they were creative – this presentation was built around the word “experiment:”

Engage – use real world examples, stay relevant, highlight tips and tricks

Xenagogue – become a guide through a strange land, be available and accessible, encourage student independence

Play – encourage exploration, allow fun to happen, make exercises and discussions lighthearted

Explain – provide context for all topics, repeat ourself, offer handouts and online materials

Reward – right answers, participation, completion, presence

Imagine – ask students to dream up applications and concepts at the end of the class, be inspired by the muse, don’t dismiss them

Mentor – treat students like adults, be available for questions, etc… expect success!

Empower – use the tool that you’re teaching about in the class

New – there is always something new… hold an entire class on dealing with change. Hmm…

Time – enough time for practice, questions, training should precede technology launches by weeks at the least…