IL2007, Day 2: Helene Blowers and Meredith Farkas talk about learning

Meredith Farkas – building a foundation with five weeks to a social library

  • issue – lots of people don’t have access to continuing education programs
  • hands-on learning is important
  • online courses can be run cheaply

talked about Five Weeks to a Social Library: had 40 participants, all kinds of libraries

tools used:

  • drupal – it allows multiple blogs, all in the same place, and static content, too
  • opal


  • playing with technology is essential to learning technology
  • reflective learning makes ideas stick
  • learning from peers can be more important than learning from a sage on the stage
  • online learning can be developed on the cheap

Helene Blowers: Lego Building: Learning through Play

learning 2.0 has been duplicated over 200 times internationally – coolness.
what can you do to continually keep up with changes?
need to think of ourselves as players
(note to self – always print out presentation… Helene had some tech problems)
become a knowledge player

  • take 15 minutes a day to explore something new
  • subscribe to 5 blogs: librarianinblack – sarah does a great job at short informative posts; techcrunch; what i learned today – Nicole does reflective learning stuff; wired; learning 2.0 – 3 new things a month
  • tag “play items” in
  • create a learning blog
  • PLAY!!! give yourself and others permission to play.

become a guide – someone who exhibits and explains points of interest

become a discovery guide

  • it’s about learning
  • remove the classroom
  • exposure is the 1st step towards learning
  • learners have as much to share as guides
  • focus on FUN