IL2007, Day 3: Building Web 2.0 Native Library Services

Casey Bisson (met him for the first time – nice guy!)

“Libraries are much larger than our books and our OPACs”

Catalog challenges:

  • usability
  • findability
  • remindability

We use Linux daily – it’s the dominant platform of most social web apps

IBM saves over $900,000,000 annually because of LInux (used to be his WPOPAC) – very cool. He’s making this easily available to other libraries!

“sites that allow comments value their users”

“Your website is not a marketing tool – it’s a service point.”

Then Casey did a successful live install of Scriblio! Very cool. It’s basically WordPress with some customized widgets and plug-ins (and your catalog records) – took him 11 1/2 minutes, it seemed easy to do.

It’s going to work with Horizon soon. Book jackets come from Amazon.