IL2007, Day 3: Organization 2.0

Rebecca Jones – Ain’t What it used to be… & never will be again

  • New collaborative and connecting technology are changing the entire concept of where our organization/job/work starts and stops
  • mentioned the Cluetrain Manifesto
  • very few professionals are talking about it stil!
  • organizational decisions – hardest and last thing to do. It’s fundamentally about choices and changes, which are hard to go through
  • cooperation evolves to collaboration – more like singing in a choir than playing on a sports team – everyone plays a part, it’s a collaboration
  • 85% of work-related problems come from process and structure problems

organization 2.0 – what does it look like? some principles:

  • form follows function – what you do will shape organization
  • collaboration decreases as distance increases – more than 50 feet apart
  • some relationships are weaker than others
  • don’t get stuck in the minority
  • organizations are ecosystems – they are growing or dying
  • stability signals staleness and death
  • clarity dissolves most conflicts
  • hierarchies work for some functions

structure should create an organizational focus on the right issues at the right time

Don’t let tools drive what you’re doing – ie., the building contractor doesn’t show up at your door saying “I have lots of cool tools – what do you want me to do for you?”

Design structure to exploit library’s strategy and uniqueness.

(not to self – check out
I think this was also Rebecca’s presentation… (someone tell me if I’m wrong, please!)
2.0 Competencies:

  • collaborative
  • communicator
  • confident
  • independent
  • initiator
  • entrepreneurs (have something you are very proud of and want to share)