How to Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey (way off-topic)

This Thanksgiving, I have the honors of carving “The Bird” (a 21 pounder, to be exact – we’ve got like 28 people descending upon us tomorrow!). Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do this. Really! I mean, I’ve certainly tackled turkeys before… but my handiwork usually ends up resembling more of a hack-fest than something that would sit on Martha Stewart’s table.

So I thought to myself “hmm, self. I wonder if there are any helpful turkey tips out there in web 2.0 land?” And guess what??!?!!?? There are. Since you might also be as thanksgiving-turkey-carving challenged as me, I thought I’d pass along the tasty turkey tutorials to you, too:

“But wait, David! I’m a visual learner – what about me?” OK – how’s about some YouTube videos?

And finally, I leave you with It’s JerryTime – The Gobbler. Everyone (in the US anyway) – enjoy Thanksgiving!