No More Kicking

oclc changed goodbye to thank youRemember my post from January, Kicking Users Out the Door? Interestingly, after my post (about and a poor user experience I had), I was contacted by two OCLC employees!

They realized that “Goodbye” was not the message they wanted to leave with customers, and asked me where I had seen it, what I was doing, etc… and they started working on a change.

A week or so ago, a Product Specialist from OCLC told me this via email:

“…some progress has been made with respect to the messaging when a user submits a request for interlibrary loan from As you know, the previous message of “goodbye” is truly not the message we want to give our users. While investigating this issue we discovered that making a big change is truly a big development effort. While we will keep this in mind going forward, we’re unable to make big changes to it at this time. What we are able to do is change the message from “Goodbye” to “Thank you.” This change will take effect this Sunday, February 17.”

“I understand that this does not resolve the issue of users not seeing the link in the top right hand corner that allows users to return to the detailed record screen. The fact that this link is not readily apparent has also been shown in our pilots for WorldCat Local. We are working towards a more integrated screen layout which should be available soon.”

Where does that leave us? Well… changing the “Goodbye” to “thank you” is a small step in the right direction, and it sounds like they have seen the larger problem and are working on a solution. So that’s good.

More importantly – they heard my complaint, contacted me, worked on a change, and responded back… coming from a huge organization like OCLC, that’s truly saying something! thanks, OCLC! It’s nice to know they listen to their community.

David’s Current Speaking Schedule

Here’s where I’ll be speaking (and/or attending) this spring. Come say hi!

  • March 3 – April 11: Basics of Library Web Site Management (online class)
  • March 6-12: Attending SXSWi 2008! I’m pretty psyched to go…
  • March 19: participating in Library Camp Kansas
  • March 25-29: attending my first Public Library Association conference!
  • March 31: Long Island Library Resources Council.
  • April 6: CIL08 – Preconference: Podcasting and Videocasting Boot Camp with David Free
  • April 8: CIL08 – Leading Technology in Libraries: Making Time for Web 2.0 (with Gina Millsap)
  • April 10: CIL08 – Postconference: Public Library Conversations: Insights & Innovation (with a bunch of people)
  • April 22: attending a GTD seminar in St. Louis, MO.
  • May 2: Mountain Plains Library Association/Utah Library Association joint conference
  • May 7: Massachusetts Library Association
  • May 23: Canadian Association of Children’s Librarians conference
  • June 5: NASIG 2008 preconference
  • June 29: ALA 2008 – Library 2.0 and Children’s Services

Semanal: Post One Video Per Week for all of 2008

The few of you who actually follow my videoblog might have noticed I’ve been posting more video lately. There’s a reason for that… I’ve gone insane! No… seriously, it’s because I’m participating in something called Semanal. What’s that? From the Semanal website:

“Semanal is an open project where you post one video a week. You can join in the fun at anytime. We are a group of video creators who are encouraging each other, instead of stifling each other with rules. Post the video on your own blog, but link to it here. Just click on the current week and put your links in the comment fields. See how others are doing it.”

It’s a fun challenge for me – trying to come up with 52 video ideas and post one per week. And it’s a great way to hone my fledgling video-taking-and-editing skills. And it’s a good example of what I mean when I say “play.” The only way to get better at something is to do it, right?

Cell Phone to Podcast Tools

me on the iphoneI’ve been looking into mobile podcasting tools, specifically services that allow you to post podcasts to a blog from your cell phone. Here’s a list of tools I’ve found that do this:

  • Gcast – run by the people behind GarageBand (I actually have some scary bad songs somewhere on GarageBand)
  • TalkShoe – seems to do this and a whole lot more
  • Hipcast – upload files up to 250 MB in size
  • Yodio – don’t know much about this service
  • Gabcast – 200 MB per user for the free account, and 1 hour per recording
  • Jott – Not sure if Jott does quite the same thing, but I’m including them anyway. Jott allows you to record a message to voicemail, then it can email it out to whoever (and most bloggers can set up an “email to post” email account, which would work)

Anyone use any of these tools? Is there another one I should add to the list? Thanks!

Donate to LISHost

What a cool idea! Jenny and Michael have set up a cool fundraiser for LISHost (the dudes who host my blog and many other librarian blogs). Here’s what Jenny says: “So to thank him [Blake Carver, the dude behind LISHost] for all of his efforts, both on our behalf and for the profession, Michael an  I are raffling off a Nintendo Wii to help show our appreciation in the form of a fundraiser. Please note that neither LISHost nor LISNews is in financial trouble, and this is not a call t  “save” them. This is simply a way for us to acknowledge Blake’s efforts and thank him for everything he does.”

I’ll second what Jenny and Michael said – Blake runs a great website hosting service and has the best customer service I’ve ever seen in a webhost – he’s awesome!

If you want to donate, go to Jenny or Michael’s posts, click the Donate button, and fill out the form. Jenny and Michael – thanks for the great idea!