SXSWi2008, Day 2: Opening Remarks

Henry Jenkins, Steven Johnson

Johnson interviewed Jenkins

Random stuff they said:

  • No single person should be asked to write for an encyclopedia
  • wikipedia’s model is much better, because it’s community-driven
  • Britannica’s model is one person sharing their knowledge – wikipedia’s model is many people sharing their knowledge
  • younger generation have learned to read and write because of Harry Potter – they learned to social network through Harry Potter
  • Jenkins says he is a Total Obama boy (everyone clapped and hooted)
  • Older people say I – I will do this for you
  • Younger people say We – what can we do to get this done – this is what happens in social networks
  • Obama has tapped into the we model – Hilary has tapped into the I model

I turned off my laptop during the q & a session, and missed a great answer to a usual question. The usual question was about how to deal with internet addictions. Jenkins answered by first saying that when someone stays up all night to read a book, it’s considered learning and an ok thing – but when someone stays up all night on the internet, it’s considered an addiction and bad. So instead of saying it’s an addiction and bad, we need to figure out what the compelling parts of the online experience are, and then try to integrate those positive experiences into other things, like learning.