Library Camp Kansas 2008: 2.0 Session

what is 2.0?

1.0 – one way street, static page
2.0 – back and forth, interaction

this conference is a good example – it’s all about us, vs 1.0 conference that’s focused elsewhere

how does 2.0 work in an academic library?

ex – comment cards from users, blog posts are the comments and the library’s response to the comment – then others can comment off that

blogs – talks about stuff of interest to grad students, has a larger community reach

public library

some ks public libraries are all blog-based via a state library service

emporia state – email about gaming night at the library

Mentioned Duke’s ipods and Michael Stephens blogs for students

Commercial aspect –

how do you measure success? page rank? SEO? Numbers/metrics?

we don’t do a good job with numbers for traditional stuff that’s been around for over 100 years… how can we be expected to know about something that’s not been around for that long?

takes time for people to discover it

how do you advertise your blog?

– don’t call it a blog
– put up good content
– what we do – going out and share
– we create our site and want people to use the stuff we created… instead, they go to google (the simplest thing possible)
– so make sure your stuff is findable

having current content on site

a second on getting out of your library to talk about what you’re doing

patron-created content – anyone doing that?

how about students creating search the catalog guides for other students?
book wiki that was student-run (for the middle school)

Faculty – why would they contribute content? There’s nothing in it for them…
faculty are willing to be interviewed…


Facebook page, a few people are fans – links to events.
public library version – 32 fans (pretty good). They are reusing content, pointing to events, pointing to links to stuff on their site, etc.

Email newsletters, listservs, blogs – how are libraries managing multiple postings without doubling work?

wiki use internally:
– one person mentioned mediawiki being hacked
– someone mentioned using it internally
– keeping track of problem patrons!
– meeting minutes, internal staff “how to” guides
– problem giving permission… (ie., you CAN do this, worried about editing other’s work)
– using wiki’s for temporary pages (ie., used for a class)
– what is a wiki? Website anyone can edit

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