Library Camp Kansas 2008, session 1: Marketing and Outreach

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Potential Questions to Discuss:

- what do you want to talk about? Find out about? Discuss?
- what are the biggest challenges facing your team/institution?
- staff buy-in – getting folks to market “in the trenches” with patrons/users
- what are your biggest assets?
- what do you wish you had time/money/energy resources to do?
- range of different marketing strategies, media (online, print, face to face, web 2.0)
- “Branding” – getting our brand established with Them
- Get people to your website, and market with your website (once they’re there)


Stuff we talked about:
- they send out new materials list via email to faculty
- verbal too
- teachers think they know what the library is all about (but they don’t really)
- getting materials to match assignments is a challenge
- Dewey is a problem
- how do you get to the student if they don’t enter the library?
- people are using Topeka and JoCo’s websites to find stuff for their students
- person to person helps – new student orientations as one idea
- buddy name sticker to stick on folders
- instead of Ask a Librarian, personalize it – ie., Ask Alan.
- hard to get from old logo/branding to the new one
- how do you get staff to… realize that branding the library is important
- making stuff look good:
– do it for them, make it easy
– show them the parts they DO need to worry about (ie., content, not design)
– tell them they must do it!
- talked about Topeka’s Travel Neighborhood concept
- services are hidden… internal signage, ILL confusion
- one on one teaching is best – can turn the student into an evangelist
- there will be a link to other notes and links…