CIL2008, Day 1: Widgets, tools and doodads for library webmasters

Speakers: Darlene Fichter, Frank Cervone

Firefox tools:
safecache: protects privacy, defends against cache based tracking techniques
safehistory: protects your privacy by defending your history cache
FoxMarks: automatically synchronizes bookmarks
FEBE: Firefox Environment Backup Extension – syncs extensions between computers

Other webtools for collaboration
meebo chat widget
LInkBunch: lets you put multiple links into one small link
DocSyncer: automatically finds and syncs your document files to Google Docs – this means everything.
Twhirl: desktop client for twitter
polldaddy: fast simple way to put a poll on your site

VisCheck: shows what things look like to a colorblind person…

Feng GUI: automatic alternative to eye tracking – creates heatmaps based on algorhythms…

Browsershots: creates screenshots in different browsers – service actually visit browser/PC combination. Cool!

Photoshop Express: coo new online photo editor

Think website distribution: get an “add this” tool – lets customers bookmark your stuff on different site

Google Gadgets: gadgets you can add to your site – things like countdowns

altavista babelfish translator: gets at the gist of what’s going on – not perfect, but good enough

Nifty utilities:

ProcessTamer: monitors CPU usage of processes, reduces the priority of apps that hop the cpu

FIle Hamster: real-time backup and archiving of your files while you work

Syncback Freeware: backup all files with a single click, scheduler to automate backups, versioning, incremental backups, machine to machine via ftp – encryption and compression, too.

LinkExtractor: pulls links off page

Moving large files:, slipload, yousendit, mediafire, panda (peer to peer)

reCaptcha – interesting…

anonymouse: check if resources accessible outside your ip range, or for privacy

Prism: app that lets users split web apps our of the website and onto your desktop?

Find more widgets:
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