CIL2008, Day 2: Transparency, Planning & Change: See-Through Libraries

Michael Casey & Michael Stephens

This session is a standing-room only session!

Organizations are starting to let their staff blog – huge change from not long ago

Not always easy to implement new things

Quote: “Every time people really like something, we get rid of it.” real quote from librarian at PLA. Ouch.

Showing signs from libraries – bad signs from libraries! People are talking about us. What stuff are you giving them to talk about?

Asking – What are your roadblocks?
inability to use open source software
we’ve always done it this way
control-freak IT support
No admin priviledges
only making cosmetic changes
no time
The excessive love of process
Luddite trustees

Road map to transparency
open conversation (aside – nice slide!)
visit the front lines
cross train, provide learning for all staff
consider the role of anonymity
what would you add?

Don’t ask staff for input if you are not going to use it

Going to the field:
bring them out (managers)
visit the front lines
examine different staffing models
develop big picture understanding
administrators should understand everyone’s roles
get out of the office!
decisions are not made in a vacuum
crucial if administrators are not librarians

Circ staff at Darien Library:
they are blogging
they are buying books for the collection
they are going to BookExpo (a conference)
They are trusted and encouraged

Face to face is important!
Casey – taking an academic approach with office hours – once a week for 3 hours, anyone can come in and meet with him, off the record if need be, but face-to-face.

Say “Yes!