NEKLS Tech Day 2008: Michael Porter

NEKLS Tech Day 2008: Michael Porter

Michael Porter was the keynote speaker…

Michael’s favorite Pez is Astronaut B (mentioned during MP’s intro)

Title: Get Your Info Here? Gadgets, mobile access and library futures


Mentioned Webjunction’s new site, which is launching very soon – will include lots of social features

Mentioned online connections – most of his Libraryman cartoon images have come from other people who met MP online and offered up cartoons – pretty cool.

Internet use spawns gadget use…
Pew graph showed huge growth of wifi from 1995 to now (I think that’s right)

When it comes to gadgets… it should be enjoyable, like a spa for your brain

64gb usb flash drive – $5469.99 – October 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
32 Gb drive in Sept 2007 – $679
less than one year later…
64 gb July 2008 – Feb $349

Gadget growth centers around…
decreased costs, increased computing power


  • increased energy efficiency and battery life

new methods of content creation
playing well with others
example – ILS systems

Google Android OS:

  • Google has made an operating system for cell phones
  • open source mobile technology – it will have access to more stuff (3g) for free

mp3 players –

  • we can now make useful audio files
  • MP’s beef with Apple – they don’t play well with libraries. Too bad, since most of our customers actually USE ipods!

Don’t forget: it’s just a computer…

mobile tech – a computer with CONVERGENCE


  • iRobot – cleans his floor
  • chumby – small computer that displays stuff like widgets – it has lots of fun apps – connects to wifi, has a twitter app, can play internet radio
  • BUG “the Lego of gadgets” (quote from CNET) – customizable gadget with different modules (ex – camera, keyboard, video output, etc) – cool quote: “we don’t define the final products – you do.” (I think the quote was taken from a BUG product page)
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Seitz – 160 mega pixel camera
  • PixelRoller – an art project – put in a photo, roll the paint roller on the wall… and it “paints” the picture
  • alarm clock that you can throw against the wall
  • A robot
  • chocolate gadgets…

Fashion and gadgets coming together:

  • ipod-controlling lederhosen!
  • hats and visors that do fun stuff
  • a dress that responds to what the wearer’s body is doing – if the heart-rate increases, the dress does different things
  • Nike/ipod excercise shoe thing

Other stuff:

  • RFID
  • Vocera – VOIP wireless communicator/reference tool with voice activation and interface
  • Vonage V Phone – plug in, dial, listen, talk. PLug it into a USB drive on a PC and you have a phone!
  • PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii
  • Erickson Sports – assisted living communities… they have an online community for Wii bowling – amazing videos of elderly people that are bowling
  • GPS
  • Sony mylo
  • Sony vaio ux

display evolution

  • KIndle – black and white
  • Fujitsu e-Book reader – solid display, doesn’t flicker
  • tiny LCD screens
  • iphone
  • flexible electronic paper
  • flexible screens
  • laser keyboards

content delivery evolution

  • vudu – watch movies on demand at home, so you don’t have to go to the video store
  • appleTV – getting a library of digital content that you own
  • direcTV Sat-Go – portable satellite system for video
  • Slingbox – sling connects to your home digital devices – MP can control his Tivo, watch movies from wherever he is – just needs a fast internet connection – even watch on his phone!

Gadgets aren’t just hardware – they’re also software

  • Atari 2600 – Michael grew up playing these games.. he has an emulator that runs on his computer, so he can still play those games – his software has become his hardware
  • facebook – different fun apps
  • Michael made a facebook app that gives out library gifts – he has over 4500 users!
  • The social graph app – pretty cool


consumption and production

Moore’s law still rules

software and gedgets push each other

less geek, more practical

Start having fun with it!

Ended with quirky usb devices – funny stuff!