IL2008: Online Marketing & Promotion – Making it Fun & Economical

Geert van den Boogaard, Lauren Stokes

Lauren went first…

She discussed the different blogs her library has and how well they’re doing, a bit about promotion and website stats, and talked about a game they made.

Geert went next: His presentation title is: Connect to people in a library

DOK Agora – putting a big multimedia room in the library. Patrons can put up a multimedia presentation/display … in the library. Their goal is to get patrons making and sharing videos they make.

Digital Art: They’re digitizing and uploading artwork that is seen on a screen in a classroom. hen after a month or so, the kids come to the art gallery in the library and see the real artwork.

Narrowcasting: show stuff over a screen about the library. They’re using a Nintendo Wii for signage.

Bluetooth: when you enter the library, your bluetooth-enabled device goes off – it’s a welcome message from the library