Problems with my RSS feed

Hi! Someone reported that my RSS feed wasn’t sending out info had an error on it … and they were correct! The upshot of that is that some of you might not have been receiving posts from me. If that happened to you – sorry!

As of now, my main RSS feed is fixed, and I still have to figure out what’s going on with my comments RSS feed. Looks like I have to find the wordpress file for the feed and remove a couple of blank lines at the beginning of the file. And that probably won’t happen until AFTER ALA2009!

Whadda ya know – it’s working again. Yay! So as of now, both the main feed and the comments feed are up-and-running as usual.

Thanks for reading!

Topeka Tweetups

Topeka tweetup @ wibw studiosAnyone ever attended a Tweetup? I attended my first, last night. What’s a Tweetup? Simple – a Tweetup is a get-together of people who use Twitter. The tweetup I attended was for Topeka-area people using Twitter, hence it’s called a Topeka Tweetup.

It was fun! This tweetup was hosted by WIBW Studios, a local television station. About 50 or so people attended. And I met some people that I have chatting with on Twitter, but never met in person, so that was cool. And it was fun hanging out at the studio, and seeing what “the other side” of the news cast looks like.

OK – Digital Branch Managers, Digital Initiative Managers, webdudes, marketers… you should be attending this type of gathering. Why?

  • If your library has a Twitter account, these are the people following you. Go meet them!
  • This group tends to be highly active, they get stuff done … you want to hear from them about library initiatives.
  • In Topeka, many of them work in highly connected jobs, i.e., tv stations, newspapers, marketing and advertising firms, political campaigns, etc. It’s always good to make those connections.
  • They all use the web, probably in an advanced way. They are your digital branch users (or at least potential users).
  • They’re just really cool people!

Want to find out more about last night’s Tweetup? We made a couple of news sites:

Question – How are you connecting with your social media users?

ps – I’m @davidleeking on twitter – feel free to follow me!

How I Made my Screencast

I’ve been asked by quite a few people, so … here’s how I made my Facebook Pages screencast:

  1. I used Jing Pro to record the screencast. There’s a free version – I whipped out $14.95 (have to pay it every year) for the pro version. Why? The pro version comes with that cool “webcam in screen” effect I used at the beginning and end of the screencast. It also records in MPEG-4 format, so I could easily edit it. It only records up to 5 minutes at a time, which is no problem – just record separate clips, then dump each clip into a video editing program (more on that in a sec).
  2. I plugged in a Samson CO1U USB Condenser Mic to get good quality sound on the speaking parts. It came out a little quiet – will need to play with that some more!
  3. Once the parts and pieces were recorded in Jing, I dumped each screencast clip into Apple’s iMovie, which is an easy-to-use video editor. I didn’t do much there – added a fade in and out to the beginning/ending of the screencast, spliced the clips together, added a bit of text … and removed all my goof-ups, extraneous pauses and “uhms” where I could. My goal was to get the screencast under 10 minutes so I could dump it to YouTube (and I was successful!).

And that’s about all! The combo of Jing Pro and iMovie worked great, the mic was easy to use … any questions? Anyone else used Jing Pro?

Facebook Pages basics – a Screencast

Want to see a larger version? Go here. YouTube version is here. Downloadable version is here. MP3 only version is here.

This screencast is for BIGWIG’s 3rd annual Social Software Showcase, being held Monday at the American Library Association’s annual conference.

How can you participate? Two ways:

  1. Watch the screencast and make a comment – what do you think? What are you doing with Facebook Pages?
  2. Show up at my table Monday, July 13, 10:30am. Instead of a formal presentation, show up having watched my screencast … and we’ll have a discussion about Facebook Pages!

So … this screencast is all about Facebook Pages. Here’s what I cover:

  • The basics of a Facebook Page – I describe what can be done with the Wall, the Info page, friending, status updates, events, discussion boards, and boxes.
  • Who uses your Facebook Page? I talk about the stats that come with a Facebook Page.
  • Facebook Apps – I briefly talk about the two apps my library has built
  • Connecting with customers – I talk about the ways a library can connect with customers using their Facebook Page.
  • And I mention my library’s Facebook Page quite a bit…. check it out!

So –  chime in in the comment box and at my table on Monday! I plan to also live stream the discussion – we’ll see how that goes.