Notes from Podcamp Topeka

Yesterday, I spent most of my day at Podcamp Topeka – the first event I have ever organized. Judging by the comments, tweets, etc … it was a success!

If you want to read reactions from people who attended, search for #podcamptopeka on Twitter (ok – or just click this link).

I’ll post something next week about planning this type of event and what we could have done better. But for now, here’s a run-down of the sessions I attended – sorta sparse notes, but it’ll give you an idea of the day:

Session 1: Balancing Personal/Business Use of Twitter

  • you have ability to destroy yourself online
  • One guy doesn’t cuss in Twitter because it turns some people off
  • TV News guy – doesn’t say some stuff that he wants to
  • talking back & forth – sharing yourself is important
  • remembers he represents a company – always has that in the back of his mind
  • News guy again – because of sharing themselves on Twitter, they get news tips from people
  • Helps get stories written because he’s connected to twitter – because of the relationships they’ve developed
  • TV News guy again – they are talking to other local TV stations! Very different than five years ago
  • discussion about community/following people locally vs anyone for business

Session 2 – Comment Boxes and Community

  • I shared about the library
  • anonymous or profile?
  • Local newspaper tends to have crazies – not much registration/monitoring there
  • getting people to register – are there any non-bribery ways to get people to register? One idea – Business gave away free stuff to get sign-ups
  • other ways to share? Comment box, polls, ratings, etc  – without just sharing in a text box
  • viral marketing campaign (I think she was from a radio station) – had some hateful comments – ended up having to block someone’s IP address
  • how to get more comments? Ask questions, ask what do you think
  • separate actual story from comments
  • part of your job should be commenting on other people’s sites
  • personal responses are great – gave example of that
  • personal is the new hand-written note
  • marketing is conversation now
  • deleting one comment vs turning off whole thread – which works best? We generally agreed that turning off the whole thread (like Flickr sometimes does) seems like punishing others for one person’s mistakes
  • twitter is instant gratification

T-rave talking about blogging #podcamptopekaSession 3: Selling Yourself in 30 Frames per Second

  • T-Rave presented from – He’s very passionate about videoblogging!
  • trying to sell your brand – many times, that means selling yourself
  • when you were a baby trying to get attention and affection, you were selling yourself – so you do this all the time
  • big fan of gary vaynerckuk of
  • Word of mouth – that’s how T-Rave sells his product/himself
  • Using video is a great way to bring in viewers to your website/blog
  • attracts people of all ages (from 13-65), all states, international… check your demographics
  • People of all ages, all nationalities like video
  • You can feel connected by being approachable – on twitter, on video
  • be the same online, in video, in real life
  • passion + drive … interest, consistency, responding back to comments

Session 4: Basics of Videoblogging

  • T-Rave again
  • Went over various software to use
  • talked a little about cameras
  • talking about uploading to a service – how long it takes
  • Talked a bit about copyright and free music – likes for a free music service.
  • Uses Viddler quite a bit. They featured T-Rave the second week after he started making videos.
  • mentioning – great place to upload video to more than one account automatically
  • Has a variety of cameras from the Flip to a large semi-pro camera
  • Very open to having people contact him with questions, suggestions for cameras, etc.
  • He does 5 videos a week – different theme every day. He did this for 6 months.
  • some discussion of posting video to Facebook vs another video service
  • Live Streaming video:, livestream
  • Good questions/discussion

Session #5: Monetizing a Podcast

  • Rob Walch, Podcast 411 and Wizzard Media spoke about podcasting
  • Come to Jesus – most of us will never really make money on this

Ways to make money with podcasts:

1st way to make money:

  • CPM – typical rate is around $10-15 per thousand downloads
  • More niche = higher CPM, but lower download numbers
  • Video gets a little higher CPM rate than audio alone
  • Not generally “quit your day job” money

2nd way to make money:

  • CPA model – or direct response ads
  • Netflicks – they pay $25 for everyone who signs up for an account that comes from the ad
  • Right audience at the right time can =some good money

3rd way – sponsorship model

  • Must disclose when you are being paid to review something – the FTC actually watches out for that stuff

4th way:

  • Premiumcasts ( offer a little bit of content for free, pay for the larger, more complete show

5th way – make an iphone app for the show.

  • Probably half your audience will have an iphone or ipod touch.
  • 10% of those will buy your app

Cool – Rob is describing RSS like a magazine subscription – I use that example too!

iTunes podcasts – shows top podcasts that are popular in the last week or so.

How long to make a podcast?

  • average commute time = 25 minutes
  • average treadmill time = 20 minutes
  • Best length for a podcast – go until you’re done
  • leave people wanting more “is that all?” rather than “boy, when is this over?”

Release every day or week – US is trained for that. be in their routine
Best times – early to mid week