UGame – ULearn 2010 Symposium

I’m pretty psyched to be speaking at a number of cool places this year (if you’re really curious about my 2010 schedule, look at my presentations page – I try to keep that up-to-date with upcoming speaking gigs).

One conference I’m pretty psyched to be attending and speaking at is this year’s UGame – ULearn symposium. It will be held on April 1 in Delft, Netherlands.

OK – I admit. I’m geeked out about this one for a number of reasons here:

  1. It’s in the Netherlands! What’s not to like about that?
  2. I get to visit the DOK Library Concept Center, one of the coolest libraries ever
  3. I get to visit with some of my Dutch friends and colleagues who I usually only see online and at a couple of conferences
  4. Because this year’s UGame – ULearn symposium is all about the user experience.

Here’s more about the conference (from Jaap van de Geer):

“This year … UGame Ulearn … is all about the User Experience. Next to the use of gaming in educational programs and in libraries the theme of UGame Ulearn is always Innovation & Inspiration, with the focus on new services and products.

User Experience or UX has to do with the way customers or clients see your company, website and service. Is the experience satisfactory then they will come back, if not you may never see them again. The User Experience starts at home. Internet and the website play an important role, but also mouth to mouth and communication through communities such as Facebook and Twitter. How we can provide the best experience and which products can help us is the essence of UGame Ulearn 2010.

1st April the Auditorium of the TU Delft opens to welcome 700 librarians and educators. International speakers such as Michael Stephens, David Lee King and Gary Vaynerchuk will bring the visitors up to date under excellent supervision of our own world famous pod/vodcasting priest Father Roderick. This year we have decided to make the Exhibit Hall an important and interactive part of the conference with workshops and pitches and we make sure people have enough time in between speakers to visit the stands and listen to presentations on the latest innovations.”

So … if you’re able, come learn about the user experience with me! It should be a great symposium. If you can’t come in person, I promise to take good notes and post those … I might even post some photos and videos, too.

Here’s a video promo for the symposium:

  • conniecrosby

    Awesome! Congratulations, David. You will have to make a full report about DOK because, well, they usually report on everyone else! 😉

  • davidleeking

    Good point, Connie! They do a great job of reporting … so I pretty much
    have to!

    David Lee King – blog – videoblog
    twitter | skype: davidleeking

  • conniecrosby

    I think you need to add a couple more crew to your entourage to make it even, though!

  • wilmavandenbrink

    Hi David,

    I am a big fan of your vlogs and will be going to UgameUlearn Conference. It is one of the yearly highlights in the Dutch Library world. So I hope to see you there and am looking forward to your presentation!

    Kind regards
    Wilma van den Brink

  • davidleeking

    Very cool – come say hi!

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