Check Out Public Libraries Online!

Applauding PL MagazineJust a quick post – Public Libraries Magazine is now online!

Looks like you can click the Magazine link to get each issue’s online version, complete with links to articles. There are also some Web Exclusives articles and a PL blog (as well as lots of other stuff). Nice.

Best of all (for me, anyway) – the Internet Spotlight column I write with Michael Porter is finally online! Yippie! Here’s a link to our newest article, Dealing with Comments on Your Website. make sure to read it and leave comments (after you register at the magazine’s website).

Good job, Public Libraries Magazine and PLA!

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  • Marcie Brandriff

    From their website: “Public Libraries online is a complement to the printed journal that offers three full articles from each issue of the printed edition as well as expanded content exclusive to the web.” So not everything in each issue is there (bummer), and they are still showing Nov/Dec 2009 as the current issue (also bummer).

  • Librarian

    Fine, but where is the RSS button?

  • davidleeking

    Librarian – it's up at the top, int he URL/Address Bar …